Britney Spears confesses to be a new problem that alert to all their fanticos


It is well known that Britney Spears it does not cross his best moment in the present. And is that after that her father took control economic about their finances and ms ahead of her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, will take away the custody of their children after an alleged situation of violence domstica in the house of the artist, the interpreter of american was surprised by his fanatizada from all over the world to confess that much to your fans and even your family consider duea of a striking beauty, she does not see herself that way.

The confesin the execution itself interpreter Toxic in the middle of the quarantine zone, soon after you have taken your account of Instagram and, using as an excuse the hair cut that was submitted recently, mentioned that since small child has had self-esteem issues, so always bean used the change of image sudden as a solution to what he regarded as a disgrace in the midst of success. This will add the eating disorder that he was diagnosed during his period of stay in a hospital psiquitrico.

The news that Britney Spears account now with severe problems of self-esteem comes in a context in which the most faithful fans are unaware of when you will be able to return the pop star to the stage; but what ms is concerned about al is that his own son was mentioned recently through a video clip on Instagram that his mother has not mentioned or even the subject of a possible return to the studies and please as their fanticos with a new album, after the success that had Glory at the time of its premiere.

Meanwhile, Spears occupy your time in the wide open spaces of your luxurious mansin de Los angeles, where not only enjoys painting in his garden, but in addition invests his time in another of his favorite activities: do yoga positions, while testing the elasticity of her slender figure. All in all, also enjoy a workout at the gym internal, one that by the way incendi by accident in das past, whilst carrying out a exercise routine quite risky.