Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie mounted an escndalo


The three actresses premiered The escndalo (Bombshell), about the sexual abuse that many women suffered in the channel to Fox News and that ended the career of the almighty television producer Roger Ailes

Updated 05/02/2020 15:04

Roger Ailes (founder, former president and chief executive officer of Fox News and figure predominantly as a strategist for several polticos republicans, from Nixon to Bush, and Donald Trump) are exceeded in their dealings with their employees and take advantage of their situation of power and influence to get sexual favors, he was known by the great majority of the workers of the chain, according to account The escndalo. The film, starring three actresses activists of feminism and women’s rights, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie, is a raw, intense and revealing portrait of this sexual predator and how behaves a figure warped and manipulative in the realm of work.

In the following interview the three actresses talk about the characters (real) who performed in the film and on the consequences of not reporting, and even to assume as within the “normal”, sexual harassment on the job.

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in The esc
Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in The escndalo The escndalo

In The escndalo, Nicole Kidman gives life to the presenter and tv star Gretchen Carlson, who decides to report to the director of Fox News, Roger Ailes; Charlize Theron is Megyn Kelly, another presenter of a success than a doubt whether to join this lawsuit that affect your career; and Margot Robbie is Kayla Pospisil, a journalist, young and ambitious victim recent Ailes.

Charlize, how did you get involved in the film?

I came the first guin Charles Randolph to my company, Denver & Delilah, to produce it and quiz the role of Megyn. We are charming and we decided that we want to make the film. Everything was very fast. I told the director, Jay Roach, my dream was to work with Margot (Robbie) and Nicole (Kidman). To l le charming the idea, we agreed and started work right away in the film.

Charlize Theron in The esc
Charlize Theron in The escndalo

Charlize, why queras give life to Megyn Kelly (news anchor channel Fox News Channel)?

It was not a decision easy. I brought a time to plunge into the vacuum and say s. When I spoke of the guin with Jay me convinced that it must be I who made the paper. Only then I saw it clear.

How to make play a character who has to go through a situation so traumtica?

Charlize: The director and I created a kind of atmosphere of safety to explore the controversies of Megyn and not rehuirlas. Jay helped me understand the character and find your match. That was the most complicated for me. I tried to put my arms around the character, but she became very difficult.

Did you get to talk with Megyn?

No, but we, as a team, we communicate with as many women as we could.

Nicole, what drew you to the scenario when the leste for the first time?

Sent that the story represented a very important moment, and in some sense transcends the own film. That moment was the catalyst that provoc a great opportunity. The way to tell is hard and is approached from a female point of view, which makes the story ms powerful. It is a film that is entertaining and hard at the same time. That makes it very attractive.

Margot, the great John Lithgow plays Roger Ailes. How was it shooting those scenes distressing with a character so hideous?

John is the person ms friendly than you can imagine. Estbamos just as incmodos by the scene that we must interpret. But the director and screenwriter had taken the decision to tell the viewer: “you are Going to sit in this room and you’re going to suffer this unpleasant experience with it, and that’s going to last a few minutes, and when you think you’ve finished, you’re going to stay here a few minutes more”. I love the decision that we make. Quiz others may have closed the door to let the viewer imagine what happens inside.

It is a scene difficult to watch, but necessary to tell the story.

Margot: it Was a choice powerful and roll it was the experience of a stranger, but I sent fully supported on the set.

Charlize, what did you learn about Roger Ailes of the research you did to prepare for the film?

I think that there is a part of your brain that, when it is concentrated in that something to have success, it becomes a obsesin. I think that Fox News became their obsesin.

Although tena a dark side, and also pruning to be charming?

His charm was something that always permaneca. Around the world, including Megyn Kelly, speaking of l as a person close and charming with the that poets talk about anything that you cared because you listened to of heart.

It was terrorfico see how l used his charm and his power to take advantage of women.

Charlize: it Has been for us a good opportunity to check how behaves a predator, because they are things incmodas know. Someone can be sympathetic with you, give you tips, earn your trust, and at the same time take advantage of you. I think that attitude was that to confuse sufferers and haca that will not be turned away, because in the end create trust in l, and I was helping them in their careers. This is not black-and-white. There are many areas of gray. Roger Ailes is as a espcimen that you put under a microscope because it is an extreme case worthy of study.

The plot of The escndalo it seems universal, but, how creis that impact on other audiences outside the united States?

Margot: I crec in Australia and not see Fox News. I like to be the da of the news and issues polticos, but it is not something that I feel passionate about. I think that the public of other passes to become captivated by this story and be as informative for them as it was for m.

Charlize: This film est made by a lot of people who are not from the united States. The three main actresses are in the southern hemisphere. I think that already says a lot. The abuse of power is not an issue politician. It is a matter of human rights. The title seventh of the human rights act of the united States says that it is illegal to work in a condition of discriminacin. We want equal rights for all women in the world. We want all the women of the world to work in a safe environment that protects their dignity. We want that the wages are equal for men and women.

Nicole: No matter what the ideas, policies with which simpatices. This is a story emptica.

Conocais the escndalo Fox News before reading the scenario of the film?

Margot: Saba very little of this history until I atrap the guin.

Nicole: I also had a very limited knowledge of this history. Saba that was the beginning of a movement but no conoca the extension of the details that are narrated in the film.

The film shows the terrible competition between colleagues that require leading spaces of news on television. I was surprised by this?

Margot: No, I was surprised by in particular the competitiveness, but the ambicin. For my character, Kayla, the ambicin was a fundamental part of their work day.

Charlize: I Think that this competitiveness between presenters star of the television has always been ace. In a work environment competitive you have to be t to the time that you can’t let your guard down and maintain the success that each gives. It is interesting to observe what qualities you reward and what can be used against you. The energy and the strength that both applaud in men, is used in a negative sense, against women. This happens and it is brutal.

One of the excuses of Roger Ailes for his behavior was that television was a visual medium, and for that reason became that the women of her company there was considerable focus compared to l alone in his office to show them your legs. We can say the same for Hollywood? Women have to face this problem?

Charlize: S. women are ms aware that, wherever we are, there is an element of attention on us. Any woman in general you dir: “it Is something that men don’t get caught”. Happens in any industry, I don’t think that happens only in Hollywood. There is a reference case that took place in 1986. The Supreme Court dict judgment in favor of a woman who had suffered sexual harassment. I think that this can happen in any space of work. We look at those who are ms in the foreground, which include ms, such as Hollywood or the character sphere. But we cannot forget that we have movements like Me Too, and Times Up who are experiencing similar cases. The people by purpose is to raise awareness of these abuses can’t stay in isolated incidents, never ms.