CMTV – Biografa of LAUV



Ari Staprans Leff, known artsticamente as Lauv, I was born on August 8, 1994 in San Francisco, California, united States.

His mother is a source letn and his father is ethnic juda. From an early age demonstrated an interest in the world of music, learning then to play the piano, the viola and the guitar.

Finished his secondary studies, Lauv continues with his formation of art in New York University as a student of Technology in music.

He began his career dndose known with the name art “Lauv” while a student at the University of New York in 2014. This name art est inspired by the word of origin letn “lauve”, which means “len”.

In 2014 begins to write and record his first songs. Among these was the theme of “The other”, song that was written by Michael Matosic and published in 2014.

In 2015, after it was given to know “The other”, Lauv again with the release of the debut EP “Lost in the light”.
Thanks to the popularity reached with the EP, Lauv begins to work with renowned artists of the music scene as Demi Lovato and Charli XCX, among others.

In 2016, it publishes the single “Question”, the theme that colabor with Travis Mills. Then launch “Breathe”, simple continue with the participation of Michael Matosic and DallasK on the writing. During the rest of the 2016, Lauv participated in tours along with various singers in their presentations in the US.

A year after “Breathe”, Lauv returns with the release of their successful single “I like me better”, a song that debuted as part of the soundtrack of the popular series of medical u.s. “Greys anatomy”.

In October of 2017 Lauv launches the EP “Lauv: Japan Edition”, work compilation in which were included the singles “The other”, “I like me better”, “Reforget” and “Breathe”, as well as the topic indian “Easy in love”.

It will then release the single “Paris in the rain”, a song that was played in the opening act of the “X tour” of Ed Sheeran.

In 2018 Lauv surprise with the release of his album compilation “I met you when I was 18 (The playlist)”, work discogrfico consisting of seventeen songs where the artist describes this album as a playlist, which would be gradually updated starting in 2017 and providing its end in 2018.

During 2019, Lauv publishes the single “Im so tired”, a song in collaboration with singer australian Troys Sivan.

In may of 2020, Lauv shares a new song with the end benficos entitled “Love like that”.

Lauv did several duets alongside established artists such as Sofa Kings and BTS, among others. This month public the new video clip for his song “The texan” to do with the mexican singer Sofa Kings.

Also in may of 2020 launches a series of remixes of their last single, “Modern loneliness”. With a total of nine, the song was remixed by DJs and producers from around the world.