Does Luis Miguel’s second season will include Mariah Carey?, The Century of Torreon


Netflix announced this Tuesday the second season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, the production on the life of mexican singer that will begin to film in February, to get to the platform this 2020, and that will not be distributed by Telemundo in the U.S.

In addition, reported that the mexican artist Diego Boneta will return in his role as Luis Miguel Gallego and Juan Pablo Zurita, as his younger brother Alexander.

It also repeats her role as Erika the actress Camila Sodi and Pilar Santacruz the Sophie. The actresses mexican Isabela Camil and Stephanie Chambers have revealed that the characters are based on them. The latter is a niece of Alejandra Guzmán and the mother of the first daughter of Luis Miguel, the model and blogger Michelle Salas.

“As much as The Sun shine will not be able to escape from their own shadows,” wrote Boneta on Instagram along with a video in which is seen recording the song “How is it possible that my side,” Luis Miguel -nicknamed “The Sun of Mexico”- released in 1996.

Then shows its transformation to the Luis Miguel adult, already styling with the style you currently used and more rugged, recording “Mexico in the skin”, her album of 2005.

Once more, Boneta will also be in charge of the soundtrack of the series, and has done so in imitation of the singer in all her gestures, to such a point that the video manages to portray faithfully the Luis Miguel of today, who turns 50 this April 19.

Sources Netflix pointed to Efe that this time the distribution of the series in the united States will not be in charge of the Telemundo network, as it happened in the first season. “We’re going alone,” he assured.

The first season of Luis Miguel, the series, based on the life of the artist since his arrival in mexican territory up to 21 years old, became a cultural phenomenon in Mexico, and had great popularity in the rest of the hispanic world.

“After the great success of the series, this new season will be available on Netflix at the global level from 2020. Diego Boneta will return to the iconic role of Luis Miguel, on this occasion performing at the singer in two different time lines,” he said in a press release, Rodrigo Mazon, vice president of acquisitions for Latin America and Spain from Netflix.

According to the platform, the second season of the series “will explore the difficulties that faced the singer to balance their family and professional life”.

In addition, will count with the performances of César Bordón, Cesar Santana, Martín Bello, Lola Casamayor, Kevin Holt and Gabriel Nuncio, among others.

The cast announced does not include an actress who could do the role of some of the most famous couples of Luis Miguel as the singer Mariah Carey, model and entrepreneur Daisy Fuentes, the journalist Myrka Dellanos, with which it maintained relations at the time in the travel periods this season.

The relationship with actress Aracely Arámbula, the mother of his two youngest children, began in 2005.

The address will be by Humberto Hinojosa and Natalia Beristain, with a script led by Daniel Krauze together with Ana Sofia Clerici, Anton Goenechea, Diego Ayala, Karin Valecillos and Paulina Barros.

The production executive is in charge of Mark Burnett, Carla González Vargas and Pablo Cruz, with Carolina Leconte and Arturo Sampson as producers in general.

Luis Miguel, the series is a production of the companies MGM and the Big Cat.