Everything that we expect of the new album of Lady Gaga


Since the trailer of A Star is Born, he gave a glance to the now epic song Shallow, Lady Gaga knew that once again he had created a success for posterity. Now, two years later, we finally have a little more of it.

Lady Gaga never disappeared, ever since the euphoria of A Star is Born, she was in residence in Las Vegas, but at the same time I was also recording what will be their sixth studio album.


Stupid Love it came so unexpected. This is the first single from the disc, which revealed the name Chromatica, that for a few days fans speculated that it was the name of the disk, and finally she confirmed as true.

The singer went on to publish disk the 10 of April, but due to the coronavirus delayed his departure, however, the new date for the launch of Chromatica is may 29. Our expectation, which has already been pretty long (Joanne it came out in 2016), will end sooner than thought. What is Chromatica? For the video we can see a kind of futuristic planet style Mad Max, but with all the aesthetics of Gaga.

Everything that we expect of the new album of Lady Gaga - gaga

Beyond that, it seems that we have one of those discs that goes back to the roots dance the artist of new york who gave us Just Dance and LoveGame. With the production of Bloodpop, Max Martin, Tchami, Martin Joseph and Eli Rise, as well as with his work on the composition of the letters, it seems that this album will be one of those that is baked to perfection in the studio, and that even though Gaga had been in power since the beginning and until the last beat, it is also a disk on which there are many other people involved.

ITunes-we can speculate that it is a disk is quite long (16 songs) and it seems that Chromatica we will take you on a unique history in which the values of the star continue to come to the fore.

Chromatica refers to colors (by the way, the album will be released in vinyles of many colors), that Gaga interpreted as the difference between each one of us. She has focused on demonstrating that we are all different, but those differences that we must show that in the background, in essence, we are part of the same thing. Things can change color, but that is where they end up the differences.

Everything that we expect of the new album of Lady Gaga - stupid-love

Love, passion, inclusion, respect and of course, lots of music… Chromatica is the new world of Lady Gaga and we can’t wait to be a part of it.