Face strange selfie of Jennifer Lopez frightens all of their fans


LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES.-A selfie that Jennifer Lopez is took is shaking all because of the strange face that appears in the back of the image.

JLo she posed in front of the mirror that is within your gym after you finish a exercise routine, however, beyond admiring its beauty fans became alarmed when she noticed something very strange in the gloomy picture which was accompanied by the description “If you don’t challenge, don’t change…”.

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On the left side of the selfie, back from the glass door you can see a strange figure similar to a face.

“What’s wrong with the guy that has the mouth covered in the fund on your shoulder?”, “What fear this man who appears behind her”, “I Think that Jen was not alone, someone is watching”, are some of the comments from the fans.

To you, what do you think?

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