Father Karol G involvement in regional mexican music with “Chao As”


This is the second song that Daddy G throws, although in this case she decided to explore with a theme of defiance.

20 May 2020 17:14By: canalrcn.com

The father Karol G, Guillermo Giraldo, better known as “Papa G”, decided to dabble in the regional mexican music and product that launched his new song “Chao As”.

This musical theme comes as a renewal of Daddy G, that some months ago was launched to the music professionally with a theme of gender-based sauce called “Pa’ Fuera”.

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The new song from Daddy G is a topic that she sings to the heartbreak, to heartbreak, to the ruptures in relationships, or a tiraera, as he himself calls it.

“Chao Because” was composed by Juan Guillermo Giraldo and Durán Salas, in the musical production featured the renowned producer Komby Castro and was recorded in the city of Medellin in the studies of the large-Fruko.

The official music video, launched this Wednesday, it was filmed between rio negro and Venice (Antioquia), municipalities chosen thanks to its beautiful landscapes, and it was produced by the audiovisual producer Invictory Films.

Daddy G has become a personality, not only by be andl dad of the successful singer of reggaeton, but also because it has great influence in the music industry and through social networks is a motivating and innovative music with young artists, who come running, and dreaming of their projects.

From your account of Instagram the artist has been generating content for all audiences, including videos of him singing various genres of music.

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