feminism and sex toys ” Central Axis


Cody (Anna Kendrick) is a young writer in the making looking to sell one of his screenplays to be filmed in serial format. Her boyfriend —also a writer— she has won two Emmys. It is, nothing more and nothing less, than Dan Harmon (played by Donal Logue), the creator of series such as Community and Rick & Morty.

In a night of sex, Dan confesses to Cody that he has a sex doll: a model anatomically correct and true-to-size. Cody reacts badly to the news: it is enough to have as a boyfriend to a winner of two Emmy awards, with a whole legion of fans (and women who heckle him) after him, as for now compete on the grounds of sex with a doll.

So begins Dummythe series written by Cody Heller, and that is available in Quibi, a new platform whose main feature is that the episodes of their series can’t last more than 10 minutes and can only be seen in the cell, horizontally or vertically.

In the series, Cody finds the doll in a closet and, surprisingly, the doll speaks to him. By one circumstance or the other, Cody and wrist chattering (called Barbara) passed from rivalry to friendship. The wrist is clearly a projection of the psyche of Cody, but this does not prevent the two discuss sex, relationships, his career as a writer and about how men see women (do you like dolls disposable?).

Without filter whatsoever, Cody speaks with all sincerity about their fears and insecurities, their doubts and certainties with regard to feminism, about the implications of being a woman in an environment full of men (all of their representatives have been charged by the #MeToo). In no less than one occasion, Barbara urges him to Cody to leave to Give, to consider that relationship as the anchor that prevents you from growing as a writer.

It is a game goal, and is that Cody Heller is really the bride of the true and famous Dan Harmon, who in effect (as stated by the own writer) had a sex doll when she started her relationship with him.

The experiment, which Quibi compels us, it is fun, though in the outcome it is clear that something is missing, because the character development happens too fast, without giving space for more introspection.

Dummy it is a series that is left to see, funny, with an interesting topic, but whose format (such limitation of 10 minutes per episode) and platform, become something that does not allow you to reach their full potential.

Quibi is only accessible by cell, down the app on Android or iPhone.