Frank Sinatra sings for Britney Spears, thanks to the IA


The Artificial Intelligence is advancing with strides of a giant, trampling on the way certainties and clear, albeit in a virtual way, the border between life and death. Now, he has risen to Frank Sinatra.

Frank Sinatra called him “The voice” for his extraordinary quality as a singer. The murmur of their melodies, we’ve all embraced, cherished and abandoned. Because what little love and a lot tired. However, beyond the vicissitudes of our sentimental life, there is something that remains constant: our love for Franky and his unique way of singing, able to bring a touch of romance to reading a phone book (what is that even?).

Well, the companions of Futurism have wanted to hassling the I remember throwing a challenge to OpenAIthe company’s development of artificial intelligence, launched a the neural network Jukebox. This allows you to create “mashups” (deranged collages musical) and original music in the style of over 9,000 bands and musicians.

frank sinatra sounding like a tin can

What is that was that challenge? For neither more nor less than they wanted listen to Frank Sinatra sing “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Yes, it sounds like. It seems that that day had been very long for them, to make zas on all the face of OpenAI, they requested the help of CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, the two brains behind the group DADABOTS that creates its music from algorithms.

Well, I’ve saved you more details of the process in which they used the Artificial Intelligence of Jukebox, and we’re going to the important: to know how it sounds this musical pastiche. Here it is and yes, the best of Frank Sinatra sounds just as fatal as we had hoped singing the thing that Britney. We didn’t have enough with the pandemic and over we are tortured with these occurrences.

So that you can compare with the original versionhere also I leave.