Grimes + Princess Alba + Orville Peck and more


We started our musical selection of the day with Grimes, who premiered You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around; an innovative video that urges its followers to make their own version of this. We also bring you the latest Princess Alba, who along with the Spanish Alizzz premiered I Was Wrong, and show them the latest from our singer masked favorite Orville Peck, who shared a video floral titled Summertime. Let’s start!

1. Grimes, You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around

Grimes he premiered a video of your theme You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around — that song is part of his album Miss Anthropocene — in which sports your pregnancy and plays with a sword. However, the innovative part of this clip Claire Boucher (the real name of the artist) is that it is engraved in a study draped with a green curtain, so that their followers can do their own version of the video.

2. Princess Alba + Alizzz, I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong is the new issue of the chilean artist Princess Alba, who had the collaboration of the Spanish Alizzz to bring us a video directed by Loretta Castelletto where we see the singer form part of a colourful summer festival with themes floral while taking the role of Cupid and sings to the heart.

3. Orville Peck, Summertime

The singer masked canadian Orville Peck released a classic theme country in a video that was directed by Drew Kirsch and Taylor Fauntleroy, which is adorned by a beautiful setting of summer and floral elements. The music is loaded by the sounds of banjo and shows a strong feeling of melancholy.

4. The Magnetic Fields, Kraftwerk in a Blackout

Kraftwerk In A Blackout is the new theme of the band The Magnetic Fields. The clip was directed by Robert Edridge-Waks and you have less than two minutes in length. At that time, the powerful voices of the choir and the vocalist accompanied by a visual full of black magic, and voodoo that are also extremely frightening. The music clip also features some riffs acoustic guitar to give it some nostalgia.

5. Purity Ring, i like the devil

The canadian band of synth pop Purity Ring ahead of the release of his next album WOMB, which will be available from the Thursday 3 Aprilat the premiere of the new theme i like the devila song, melodic and nostalgic that offers elements of genres such as dream pop and drag.

6. Biig Piig, Switch

Irish singer Biig Piig, whose real name is Jessica Smythshe premiered the new topic titled Switcha song in which shows the true power of your voice, which is accompanied by electronic instruments with synthesizers and pop elements and urban. According to the singer, the track is about “the tension, the helplessness and the pressure that the world is experiencing at this time.” He also added that “The rhythm and the lyrics to me represent the accelerated pace of how the world is falling apart and the tone is anxious of everything.”

7. Hailee Steinfeld, I Love You s

The actress and american singer Hailee Steinfeld premiered the video of his theme I Love You s, which was directed by the same Steinfeld together to Sarah McColgan. The song is a different version (and very personal side of Steinfelf) of the track No More I Love You s of Annie Lennox.

After reading, what do you think?