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Guy Oseary and Richard Weitz have no problems at the time of the convening of a party. Their agendas are the cream of the crop of the stars of music and film and they, themselves, have become part of the show from their agencies for representation in the that appear countless evoking names, from Madonna to U2, Alicia Keys, Adele, or Demi Lovato, just to name some of them. But to say that they are only representatives or agents of the famous is an understatement. Each in its own way has reinvented the way in which its artists are presented to the world and continue to increase the level of their income, which at the same time it makes them rich and influential. Now, in times of pandemic events have been paralyzed, but they do not. Their virtual meetings have become a success to continue entertaining his followers and to raise funds to meet the crisis caused by the covid-19. And without making it explicit, one and the other compete by becoming the best hosts also via the Internet.

Guy Oseary has experience in this to be the king of the holidays. In 2008, a strike cancelled the famous party organized after the Oscars, the magazine Vanity Fairand Oseary did not hesitate to organize one in your own home in Coldwater Canyon. Twelve years later, it is the favourite quote of Madonna, who is the co and must give its approval to the guest list, and the only one to say that looks forward to Leonardo DiCaprio every year. If a newbie got to sneak in she would be dazzled by the faces that cross in your way, because there have been past from Oprah Winfrey to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or Julia Roberts, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, Jack Nicholson, Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, or Lady Gaga. The only rule is that it is forbidden to make photographs, so that your guests can enjoy without fear of images prying of the debauchery that has become your flag.

Oseary came to the entertainment world at the age of 17, when she joined Maverick Records, the music label that he founded Madonna next to your representative then, Frederick Demann. The record labels, the husbands and the lovers have changed with the passage of the years, but Oseary continues at the side of the singer and say that it is the only person I really trust. The good smell of the agent and a businessman is attributed to the take-up of artists such as Alanis Morissette, The Prodigy and Muse, they signed with Maverick Records, their first record contracts. But even more important has been his intuition to see how it has been changing the music industry and how to adapt to their artists to the new situation. It happened in the case of his beloved Madonna, whom he directed in 2007, to reach an agreement that revolutionized the way we understand the music industry. Guy guesses that the sale of discs would no longer be the business in the future and that it would be the live performances and persuaded them to relinquish for ten years to concert promoter Live Nation all of the rights and management of their records, tours and merchandising. The sales of his album MDNA were discrete, but the tour to present it raised in 2012, nearly 208 million euros.

In parallel to the agent-entrepreneur had managed to stay with the name of Maverick when in 2004 his drive division was sold to Warner Bros Records and all of its catalog of artists, including Madonna’s own, became dependent on the seal mother. He continued to work with the other divisions and focused the company on producing films, books and television programs. Maverick Films, for example, has been the one who adapted the film the saga Twilight, which has collected more than 3,000 million euros in all over the world.

Now, confined, Oseary has been conducting weekly meetings to have joined such artists as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, David Spade, Jessica Chastain, Alex Rodriguez, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Fallon, Shaquille O’neal, Adam Sandler, Dakota Fanning and Laura Dern, in addition to executives of world cinema and television. Some of the witnesses of these meetings have been revealed in american media that the issues to be addressed have been of the most varied, from the documentary The last dance, which covers the history of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, the new film about the Beastie Boys, directed, produced and written by Spike Jonze, not to name the details that you have shared some of them on the exotic places from which they connected and spent their confinement.

For its part, the initiative of Richard Weitz to continue having fun with its various represented has been rotated joint initiative. A couple of months ago, neither imagined that their web-based programs are becoming the musical events of the season in the absence of some of the festivals which brought together artists, public and spectators famous in the halls of half the world. The partner of the company William Morris Endeavor (WME) and co-head of its television department, is still surprised with his new role during the quarantine period. “I’m like a broker,” he added fun to the magazine Variety, “literally, it is as if you were organizing minifestivales of music. In the absence of Coachella I thought how can I make a family event”.

For each new release, and by strict invitation, those invited receive a password to enter the meeting in exchange for money that Weitz goes to charities that fight against the covid-19. The appointments are called Quarantunes, they last about three hours each one of them, and as he himself has explained those who join these concerts are not artists that he represents, because it is not an initiative of WME, but something that has made the family way. “It’s simply great people and talented artists who want to share their art. I do not represent these people. I’m just a fan more. The people that I am choosing are an eclectic group of musicians that I like and that are part of the soundtrack of my life and that of many other people, and I’m trying to create intimate gatherings,” he explained.

His main assistant is his own daughter, Demi, 17 years old, who has become the star of the initiative and its ability to get donations from guests to these appointments just so special, and that is the one who controls the virtual rooms in which they can get together 500 people. A show that is emitted through the Zoom and that it is limited to that number of attendees in order not to break the magic. For more fundraising arises to sell certain amount of tickets at $ 5,000 each, but the target audience also invites teachers, health personnel, or employees of hair salons. What you will not do is allow the access of the general public: “I have received offers from a couple of streaming platforms, but I don’t want to do that,” says Weitz in Variety. “What makes it special is the privacy and intimacy of the group, people who I know in your most. There is also no publications in social networks of the comprehensive proceedings, although we did that with a couple of them at the beginning. Respects the privacy and is just a good time for people to enjoy during this isolation. This is not to sell, I want it to be a gift. The fundraising is just the icing on the cake”.

What is most curious is that the initiative began with a performance failed, intended to liven up the birthday of their daughter Demi. Weitz got one of his favourite piano players, Dario Giraldo, played for her and her friends invited to a party through a Zoom. Not guessed right with the artist to that audience, and he made up for it by organizing other meetings, casual of music through the web. After resulted in these concerts that in addition to the performances are punctuated by interventions casual participants to the appointment. Ways to reinvent the enclosure, and continue to have entertained friends and clients, while at the same time raises money for a purpose in solidarity.

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