Halsey and BTS do an exchange of christmas gifts


BTS and Halsey reconvened in the event, “Jingle Ball”, which was organized in the city of Los Angeles the past December 6where the group and the singer, they sang once more the song which has obtained much success, “The Boy with Luv”.

It was the same Halsey who shared a video on his channel YouTubeshowing the behind-the-scenes, and yes, he shared an incredible moment-to-side Bangtan, where the seven members of the band, and the american singer, exchanged Christmas gifts. OWWW!

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The first time we all perform ‘the Boy with Luv’ together, I was joking saying that they all had microphones bright, and I felt excluded. It gave Me my own microphone brilliant! He was really attentive, and really amazing, and I have to use it.

The idols do not hesitate to give him his own microphone, in which even, the case came with the engraved name of the interpreter “Without Me”and yes… the letters were also shiny. The celeb we also had gifts to give to their friends; some boots for christmas with gifts inside of them. :3

In the face of the kids saw the excitement, and appreciated the detail.
The presentation was a success, as once more, the al got to dance thousands of attendees.