How Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson ended because of an infidelity? – People


If you are a fan of the couple formed by Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Benson, we are sorry to have to give you this bad news: the model and the actress have been broken and it seems that not precisely on good terms. The rumors claim that the famous have put an end to his love story due to an infidelity.

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After several weeks of rumors and theories, Benson has been responsible for confirm -although half – separation, to be captured by the paparazzi in between kisses and glances on a stroll through Los Angeles with rapper G-Eazy.

Of course, the images were not long in becoming viral on social networks, and with them came to the conclusion the fans: Ashley was unfaithful-to-Face and that’s why they ended.

Internet users are not hid his hatred for the situation, so they decided to flood the profile of the actress of Pretty Little Liars claims and insults, to the point that the own Delevingne had to come out in defense of his ex-girlfriend.

“To all those who are hating Ashley Benson: please, stop. Don’t know the truth. Only she and I know and this is exactly as it should be,” wrote the famous a history of Instagram.

For its part, People magazine has detailed the relationship between celebrities occurred last April after nearly two years of dating, and without offering further details. “The relationship has finished its tour,” said a source close to the former spouse to the publication. “Cara and Ashley have always had their more and their less before, but now it has ended,” insisted the informant. @mundiario