How the Jonas Brothers and Karol G recorded their new video through Zoom

Jonas Brothers Karol G X video
“X”. Photo: YouTube

The Jonas Brothers and Karol G they’ve just released their new video “X”. And unlike artists like Harry Styles with “Watermelon Sugar” that they recorded the material before the pandemic and the running of the bulls, they had to do everything from their respective quarantines.

How to record a music video at a distance? With Zoom. Yes, Karol, Nick, Joe and Kevin didn’t have to travel, or meet, or go out of their homes to make this production of her new single which by the way, it takes nearly 800 thousand views on YouTube.

With the help of the directors, each one recorded his participation from the comfort of your home. That is why in “X” appear all to box, but each one framed in a iphone different. Applause to the production achieved by the styling Karol G and the Jonas Brothers at a distance, and especially the direction and recording by Zoom.

They have followed the example of photo shoots fashion has been directed by Zoom and this type of platforms. For example, the Naomi Campbell. As well the Jonas and Karol do the social distancing a much more creative. We are still waiting for more photos behind-the-scenesinsurance , Sophie Turner, Priyanka or Danielle have some good shots of their husbands.

Jonas Brothers Karol G X-video
“X”. Photo: YouTube

In addition, with this song continues the Latin influence, the band has followed after collaborations like “Runaway” with Sebastian Yatra. Certainly the Jonas Brothers have taken advantage of this quarantine with formats such as this and also with TikTok, as they have an official account and are very active.

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