How they tried to Jennifer Lopez when she started her career?


Jennifer Lopez reveals the key to having success and being happy

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Jennifer Lopez reveals the key to having success and being happy

The world of the show is loaded with a lot of news this Thursday, but with the understanding that few celebrities cause so much effect when they raise their voices like Jennifer Lopez, we’ll bring you the honest confession of the Diva of The Bronx, which he did in the time of quarantine on the importance of believing in themselves.

The call of Salma Hayek to defend to women in the middle of the quarantine, the suicide of a television actor, after shooting his ex-wife and the role of Alicia Machado as a poet, also made headlines today.

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1. Jennifer Lopez reveals the key to having success and being happy

Jennifer Lopez is one of the famous most successful in the world of the show, and while many admire her character and her security in herself, the Diva of The Bronx, confessed that things do not always were as well.

J. Lo posted a video on his account of Instagram, where he made a honest revelation of how self-esteem came to be beaten and made a call to their fans to not let the opinions of others destroy them.

“Just keep moving forward. Don’t let the doubts affect who you are. Créete that you’re great and keep going. #MiércolesSabiduría,” said the singer, accompanying her wise reflection in a short clip.

2. Salma Hayek screams against domestic violence in the quarantine

Salma Hayek has always been an advocate and activist for the rights of women, and in full quarantine of the Covid-19, the mexican actress made a call to the world to defend the mujres and to reject any act of domestic violence.

The mexican hung up on his Instagram a video, in which made a deep reflection on the way as they have grown abuses against women inside the household.

“We support women when we hear their voices. We support women when we respond to their varied and specific needs. We join the women during these critical moments when gender-based violence is increasing and access to health services is limited. If you want to be part of the movement with #StandWithWomen join us in the link in my biography,” said the protagonist of Frida.

3. Alicia Machado shows his talent as a poet

Alicia Machado has shown throughout his career that it is a woman’s multi-faceted. And as well as the venezuelan has shown his talent for acting, to modeling, to music, and even dance, this time it showed that poetry is also given.

The beautiful former Miss Universe, who this week turned 24 years of having been crowned as the most beautiful woman on the planet, shared a small thought in his account of Instagram that had a touch of verse and fell in love with their fans.

“Do you dream? What are you waiting for? What are you afraid of? Nights of reflection. Drop, to confess, to build scenes of inspiration where you live your strengths! Don’t stay sitting. Actuates the buttons of the soul that make you a be happy. I know free,” said the exreina in your social network, accompanying the message with a beautiful photo.

4. Actor Hagen Mills, committed suicide

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Hagen Mills, the actor of the series Baskets, of 29 years, died Tuesday in Kentucky after he allegedly shot his ex-wife and then committed suicide, according to this was exposed by TMZ.

The police chief of Mayfield, Nathan Kent, confirmed that the tv star put an end to his life, after attacking the mother of his daughter.

Erica Price, of 34 years, received a shot in the arm and the chest and according to the police, Mills remained inside of the house to his 4 year old daughter and the mother of Price until Erica arrived at the residence. When the young woman came in, the actor shot and then turned the gun and took his own life.

5. Ask the brother of John Gabriel that return properties already

The fight for some of the properties of Juan Gabriel seems to be a matter of just never. And even though the pandemic of the coronavirus has made that the courts are closed and legal cases have been dammed, the executor of the decedent’s property to Juan Gabriel, he called the brother of the singer and a close friend to return what he says, does not belong to them.

In an interview with the show mexican Windowthe lawyer Guillermo Pous asked me to Pablo Aguilera and Silvia Urquidi who delivered several properties that have to Iván Aguilera, son of the interpreter and sole heir.

“In the case of disputes this (pandemic) hinders, because all the courts are closed. We cannot continue with cases such as that which exists against mr. Pablo Aguilera and against mrs. Urquides to return the properties that does not belong to him,” said the executor, warning that if you do not have the money to fix them, it doesn’t matter. “If that were the case and we entorpeciera the time of the litigation, we simply return to us the properties”.