“I’m going to rape and slaughter… and I’m going to cut the aorta while you’re sleeping”


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Hedvig Lindahl, portera Swedish Wolfsburghe complained in an interview to SVT Sports a regrettable fact that happened through the social network Instagram. The goalkeeper received a private message, where he was threatened of death.

“I’m going to rape and slaughter and I’m going to cut the aorta while you sleep”, was the comment that you wrote to an individual. It all happened during the past World France 2019where your selection finished third, and the final victory went to the all-powerful United States of Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe.

During the interview, Lindahl also confessed that she felt very afraid, and that he also had stomach problems from nerves for what happened, with whom he had to deal with during part of the tournament.

Hedvig Lindahl goalkeeper of the selection of Sweden women's football and Wolfsburg

Hedvig Lindahl goalkeeper of the selection of Sweden women’s football and Wolfsburg

Instagramv (@hedviglindahl)

“Outlining the details of what someone wanted to do with me and my body. How they would kill me. It was very well thought out,” said Hedvig Lindahl, the veteran cancerbera that in the past month of April turned 37 years old.

All because of the betting

The goalkeeper the Swedish was decided to report everything to the police and the person in question ended up being arrested. It was an american who had lost quite a bit of money in betting for the good role it had played Lindahl during the last World Cup.

“I felt something of relief to see that he was a person that was behind those messages, but you have to be something crazy when you feel you have to write things as well”, said recently the goalkeeper of Wolfsburg German.

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