Jeans wide in the summer: what are the trends and how to combine them


The jeans wide they have been a pillar in the history of fashion for centuries, either for their practical or intricate style that denotes distinction and personality, these models have been treasured by generations that saw the eventual arrival of the first pair of pants cutting loose a new and exciting facet of this garment unique. The success of the baggy jeans throughout the TWENTIETH century, they would become a must-have piece for any type of style, even decades after his birth.

Despite the fact that over the past few years skinny jeans have gained popularity on the jeans widethis classic model has returned in 2020 with new proposals and trends with which you will be able to renew your style this summer.

What color is used the jeans are baggy in the summer?

Boyfriend jeans in the spring/summer collection of Balmain.

© Filippo Fior /

The bright tones that could even be considered a neon Balmain, supplemented with blue energy the denim typical that presented Brandon Maxwell and Celine during their last few seasons, to consolidate a summer in where trends pointing towards a combination of blue in different intensities.

During the summer, the combination and contrast of textures will be keyso the best way to complement your jeans wide during this season will be to choose pieces that could easily go with them such as jackets denim in similar tones, or black leather boots which is complement with the blue of your jeans.

What material are the jeans are baggy in the summer?

Jeans wide on the runway of Maison Margiela, spring/summer 2020

© Filippo Fior /

The jeans are baggy have a great versatility that allows them to bring them to all kinds of events and with any style, so for this summer Maison Margiela presented creative alternatives to the baggy jeans denim traditional that will reign throughout the year with models of thick tissues that can be used to accompany dressed.

Other interesting proposals in terms of materials during this season are the use of to the base of cotton in the development of pants that can be used to consolidate a modern suit, like those presented by Balmain, or the models with bright prints to highlight this season that was proposed by Versace.

What details are the jeans are baggy in the summer?

Jeans wide signature Natalie Rabesi.

During this summer details minimalist will be your best friends, with which you can consolidate looks simple that are not too saturated but, at the same time, retain a sense of elegance and sophistication. The latest collection of Natalie Ratabesi and J Brand are a great example of this, since instead of introducing us jeans wide with elements too flashy, they opted for simple models with shots high and silhouettes funnel with that you’ll be able to give an interesting twist to your style during this season.

Other fashion houses, including Moschino and Amiri, proposed embroidery details to give a modern air to their jeans wide that will return a piece of attractive able to give a touch of youth to any outfit.

How to use jeans wide in the summer?

Gigi Hadid wears jeans wide.

© Raymond Hall

The tall women that, like that Gigi Hadid, look for highlight with an urban style casual that you do not lose a sense chic, can resort to the use of various jeans wide both light shades such as dark to give an edgy touch to your looks. A safe way to look amazing with your baggy jeans is to combine it with other clothing, whose line is fit to your body to not to get a stylized silhouette.

Though during the summer you’ll be able to incorporate to your outfits different jackets and accessories featured, you don’t need much to look spectacular with your jeans wideso don’t worry about bringing them with more than a t-shirt lisa, and a pair of booties that reflect your personality.

How can we combine the jeans are baggy in the summer?

Street Style of Düsseldorf

© Isa Foltin

The jeans wide in the summer can be worn with garments such as button shirts or blouses plain colours to achieve looks neat and perfect to denote a modern and classic style. On the occasions that you seek to reflect the aesthetic is more high, do not hesitate to accompany them with sacks of tweed handbags of shoulder strap noticeable.

The best shoes to wear with your baggy jeans this season will be a couple of tennis for occasions that are more casual, or sandals with heel when you want to denote a sense of femininity without the bother of more.

What are the errors when using jeans wide in the summer?

Jennifer Lawrence with a pair of baggy jeans or jeans widths.

© Christian Vierig

Despite being a piece that can easily be combined with all kinds of styles, the mistakes you must not commit to wear jeans wide in the summer usually consist of resort to arenas is too high that fail to generate an effect sophisticated when accompanied with casual items. Jennifer Lawrence, who always fascinates us by their silhouettes original and avant-garde style, on this occasion using a couple of jeans wide which court in the calf led to a look that did not reflect the sophistication to which we are accustomed.