Jim Carrey mocks the physical appearance of Margot Robbie with a joke of bad taste


It is clear that the physical aspect is something that producers and directors have in mind if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of the show. For good or for evil, in addition to talent and an innate gift to devote yourself to the world, you have to have that something beyond words. Women are often held to a standard of beauty almost impossible to get, and very few seem to achieve it.

One of them, considered one of the actresses most beautiful moment, is the actress Margot Robbieknown for the interpretation of the popular comic book character Harley Quinn Birds of Prey, which opens this weekend in our country. Blonde, high, intense blue eyesyou can say that the actress stands out among the others. Now, no one could say that the australian has managed to get to the top only thanks to their physical appearancewhich , although it has been able to contribute to the give the profile to the projects in which it has participated.

It seems, however, that not everyone would agree with that Margot Robbie has innate talent for acting, despite having been nominated for numerous awards (among them, a nomination for the Oscar for best actress for his performance in the film I, Tonya
that should not pass unnoticed for no one last year, and another best supporting actress this year for the Bombshellfor the who last night received a BAFTA). According to some, the actress is where this simply by their physical attributes.

That seems to say the actor Jim Carrey, who was participating as a guest on the uk’s The Graham Norton Show to promote his new movie, Sonic; and which also was the australian actress, who had precisely Birds of prey . We all know the actor for being funny, but it was a little past the joking around with the physical appearance of your companion, saying that he had come so far and had a career as successful thanks to their physical appearance.


“It’s amazing that you’ve come as far as you’ve come, with these physical disadvantages so obvious” joked the actor, 58 years old, “It’s amazing, it’s a lot. We’ve got pure talent right here!

The actress was able to react in time and showed that he didn’t look at the commentlaughing at what was said by the actor. Now, the comment is in bad taste does not sit too well with viewers, who were not slow to show their discomfort in social networks by labeling the actor “rude” and “disgusting”. Other, for your part, took away importance to the matter, leaving the comment as “a joke” and even as “support” to the actress for a part of the well-known actor.

The actor also had a “detail” to another guest, the actr Daniel Kaluuya, who dedicated a song covering the famous song “Hallelujah” with their name.