Joe Jonas is having these romantic details with Sophie Turner


The past month of February, we learned of the great news. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are expecting their first child together, after they married by surprise in Las Vegas in may of last year 2019. The couple will debut very early on as parents, and Joe is doing everything possible to take care of his wife and acquiesce to the fullest.

The first photographs in which we have been able to see the belly Sophie Turner occurred last may 13, when a photographer were caught wandering to the singer and to her in full health crisis by the coronavirusthat yes, always respecting the security measures.

The british actress of 24 years it would be of five months and become a mother in the autumn of the year 2020. “Joe lives to make you happy Sophie. He always spoils you, but now that you are pregnant, it is even more affectionate. Sophie has been showing it off to your friends that you have the best husband because he loves to take care of her”, claimed a source close to the couple ‘Hollywood Life’.

The same contact revealed that the member of the Jonas Brothers enjoy cooking for Turner, and letting it decide what you see on the tele. “Joe cooks for her, gives her massages on the feet and on the back all the time. And he let it control the remote control and watch all your favorite programs with her. She knows that he will be the father more incredible, just so well cared for”, added the source.

In addition, we have evidence that the couple is not boring this confinement. A few weeks ago Joe let Sophie will me putting makeup on him and him to recreate a original beauty look in him. There is No doubt that have become one of the couples of fashion today.