Johnny Depp blames Amber Heard attempting to blackmail him with a photo that supposedly comes out using drugs


The lawyers Johnny Depp they argue that the legal team of Amber Heard has tried to chantajearles with an image that supposedly listed the actor consuming illegal substances through a pipe of glass. According to published The Blast, the legal representatives of the two had a meeting in which they brought to the table a photo in which the actor would appear in these circumstances.

Now the legal team of Depp has insisted that this action is just blackmail to try that to withdraw the complaint for defamation of 50 million dollars that brought Depp against Heard, but they do not think of going back.

The image has already been presented as evidence in the case. The legal battle between the two actors has already lasted 3 yearssince the couple decided to divorce and Amber Heard to denounce it to Depp for ill-treatment. The present suit was filed by Johnny Depp after the actress detailed in a column in The Washington Post the alleged abuses he had suffered, though without naming the actor.

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