Julia Roberts will lend its networks to the doctor Fauci to give voice to the experts of the coronavirus | People


Use the power of the famous… but without them. That is what is proposed by the initiative Pass the MicPasses the Microphone, organised by the global movement One, of the struggle against poverty and disease, and that it was co-founded by the singer Bono. Through this idea, a handful of celebrities are going to provide this platform to their social networks for a day each, for use by experts, technicians, world leaders… to talk about the coronavirus. The initiative has been released with two stars: Julia Roberts and dr Anthony Fauci.

“To see more, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The next few weeks, our celebrity friends lend their accounts in social networks every day in solidarity with the ‘true stars’, the experts of this global pandemic, giving them a voice to tell you how it is really the first line of this fight”, explains One on its social profilesin the who announce that the first that you are going to chat with these experts will be Julia Roberts. “Join us tomorrow to us because Roberts passes the microphone to dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of the united States, to begin our series. Because none of us will be safe until all are safe”.

In addition to Roberts, have been provided to the initiative, a multitude of familiar faces. Among them actresses and actors such as Penelope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, Robin Wright, Rita Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Millie Bobbie Brown (Stranger Things), Shailene Woodley (from the saga Divergent), David Oyelowo (Selma), Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) or Connie Britton (American Horror Story).

One has already advance part of the chat between Roberts and Fauci, which in recent months has become one of the most well known faces for the americans, with a figure similar to that of Fernando Simon in Spain. Fauci is the main epidemiologist of the team that fights against the covid-19 in the united States and, in his 79 years, has become one of the figures most beloved of the pandemic. His face has become so popular that even at the end of April, Brad Pitt will mimicked in the program Saturday Night Live.

In the chat between both of them, Fauci explains that the biggest problem right now are “the enormous differences in health” in the different countries of the world, and that there are areas that have a health system is very weak can hardly give response to the pandemic. “And we have a moral responsibility to people from all over the world,” says Fauci before the interested gaze of Roberts.

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