Justin Bieber will strip the door in the face of Hailey Baldwin in viral | Entertainment


Only three months married, and already it seems that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have problems. Or at least that is what I suspected after a video circulating in social networks.

In the video it looks that the singer is low in the black car in which to arrive at the place and with a face of anger he shoots the door. However, his wife Hailey is lowering. Holds it up for that didn’t hit and are low, also with an expression of annoyance on his face.

Not seen in the video if the door struck him. But it seems that his foot was hurt because just when he got off was when the lead singer threw the door.

This has generated criticism on the part of fans, as regardless of whether just to have some discussion of the behavior of Justin is reprehensible, since not only was pending his wife, but you threw the door. So that could cause some damage.

“Smells like divorce, give them a year”, “that’s horrible behavior from Justin, that you saved Selena”, “Hailey you don’t deserve that treatment”, “I think that would hurt the foot, this cannot be done”, “if he does that in public will do in private”, and “I wouldn’t have stopped that one,” were some of the comments.

Source Publimetro Chile


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