Kate Beckinsale will be filmed singing and received a lot of criticism


There, the protagonist of the saga of Underworld,Kate Beckinsale shared a film showing in your home, sweeping away, with a look very casual but elegant. With jeans of black color, boots the same color, a white t shirt and hair pulled up sang a song from the band “Lightning Seends”. Gesturing with his hands and singing, almost shouting, showed in Instagram, which is never going to incur in the world of music because it can go very wrong.

The funny filming the actress, accompanied with the phrase: “I think I’m homesick,” which means, “I Think I’m nostalgic”. To complement the sensitivity generated by the confinement, the users admitted that it is not his tune. “Who taught you to sweep?”, said one of the followers, to which she replied: “Frankly, I am better to break it over my knee and turn it into a weapon.” Another mentioned: “you shout, but you are adorable”, then Kate retrucó: “Well yes, the commentators were pretty excited”, in relation to the public imagination that he was “witnessing” his performance on Instagram.

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Even, the band creator of the song, he went on to leave him a comment: “we Love this. Interestingly we launched on this day in 1996”. The actress, for his part, said that it is going to continue uploading videos performing this kind of topics because there he found his new passion, and said that they are afraid of criticism. “When all the world is speaking ill of you you just feeling fatal, especially when there is nothing wrong in what you’re doing. Who wants to live my life in a respectful manner without harm to other people should not give right to anyone to criticize me,” said the actress a few weeks ago in reference to those who defenestran in social networks for their style of life.