Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, and other artists involved


Artists such as DJ Khaled, Steve Aoki, Katy Perry or Bebe Rexha involved in a huge musical event with a duration of 60 days, with the participation of musicians from all over the world, Streaming to a multitude of countries. ‘Coke Studio Sessions ” is the name of this partnership between Coca-Cola and #BeApp and then we tell you all its details.

The streaming platform of the moment created by veterans of the technology industry Ray Smith and Ross Manson, consolidates, definitely at its peak with this collaboration with Coca-Cola to refresh fans with the performances of their long poster until the return to “normality”. In the same way aims to support International Red Cross in its work to fight against the consequences of the Coronavirus.

#BeApp is a digital space that offers the fans with live music in a novel way with a multitude of interactive options like:

  • Sharing within the app: This option will encourage viewers to invite more people to join with them during the live streams.
  • Coin/Points: The share of continuously through the platform, users will be able to earn points and coins which can be used to access awards and updates, among many other surprises.
  • Awards and improvements: The prizes will include access improvements such as “front row seats”, mentions of the artists in the direct and the swag #BeApp.
  • Front row seats: These seats offer fans a greater digital presence for the direct, including having the photo and name of user is visible to all.
  • Donations: Fans can make donations to International Red Cross to help fight against the COVID-19.

In short, according to Ray Smith, founder of the platform, this “it was designed via digital connection by a shared love for live music, and people need that connection now more than ever”, “We are excited to have Coca-Cola as our partner, exclusive of launch,” he added.

The purpose of Coca-Cola with this initiative is to raise the morale of all the people who feel alone and isolated as a result of the pandemic. “By providing 60-days of interactive content for live-music fans can share and enjoy with others, we hope that the ‘Coke Studio Sessions’ will provide small moments of daily entertainment to those who are adapting to the new normal,” he explained Ricardo Fort, Vice President Global Sports & Entertainment of ‘The Coca-Cola Company’.

Throughout the program, fans can contribute directly to the International Red Cross, in the same way that Coca-Cola will build on its early donation of $ 14 million, aid consumers during the event, for a value of up to $ 3 million.

Steve Aoki, Dj Khaled or Diplo were responsible of giving a start to the proceedings that you can enjoy from the Friday, may 15 in #BeAppwhose download is compatible can be done free of charge on devices iOS and Androidin YouTube and the Facebook Coca-Cola. The new artists will be announced in the social networks of Coca-Cola and #BeApp. You can’t miss it!