Katy Perry surprises in the interpretation of a legendary song of Lady Gaga on American Idol


Katy Perry has a great voice and that is nothing new. However, us has returned to surprise, leaving astonished all the world. The californian is part of the jury of ‘American Idol’ and as I listened to one of the participants singing ‘Born this way’ he did not hesitate a moment to go onstage to improvise a small part of the chorus. “For the force: Im beautiful in my way cause God makes not mistakes” he started saying while pointing to the contestant as he had to interpret the song.

‘Born this way’ premiered in 2011 and rose to fame by becoming in a hymn that was claimed for diversity and the positive things that it brings to be different. A view of life that is certainly necessary to give visibility and more if it goes hand in hand with a voice like Lady Gaga.

Both Katy Perry as Lady Gaga have been compared for many years in the industry, hampering in this way the friendship between the two artists. Therefore, the interpretation of Katy Perry ‘Born this way’ it has caused so much furor among the fans, for which we have no doubt that they loved this version a capella in the that the californian has once more proved to have a vocal quality that is unmatched.

Currently we can see the californian in the above mentioned program ‘American Idol’ in the which has been a bit of a scare while fainting due to a gas leak. Their fans were not slow to echo the news, and lost no time in worry, even though everything was in an anecdote because it was a lie! Apparently everything was part of a performance by the singer worthy of an Oscar.

With regard to the music of Katy Perry only know that he is preparing new songs and video clips that may see the light soon. We are sure that it will be a success and we cannot wait any longer to hear their new songs!