Kourtney Kardashian as you haven’t seen it before: blonde


Instagram has been a great window that showed us that the Kardashians-Jenner love to play with her hair, and Kourtney Kardashian is no exception to this family rule.

When Kourtney showed off her long (very long) blonde hair in your account of Instagram on the 29th of September, the entire internet was shocked at a look not seen before in this sister because, unlike Kylie, rarely deviates from his characteristic style.

Barbie, is that you? With this new look that we came up to the waist (that is definitely a wig), looked like Barbie.

Kourtney included the caption “Her name is Daisy“the publication made its debut your “new” hair blonde. Everything points out that the photo appears to have been taken into the house of his little sister Kylie Jennerif you pay attention you can find in the back of the framed portrait of Barbie (served as proof that the photo was taken in the house of Jenner ), since the decoration with the wrist will be highlighted in your cover story of a magazine of architecture.

“Daisy” could be the name of the wig that Kourt chose it for the photo. In fact, it may have been the same as that used by Jenner in December 2018.