Lady Gaga has given more clues of its long-awaited song with Ariana Grande


The constant music news Lady Gaga are getting to return the breath to its thousands of fans. Just a few weeks ago received as a jug of cold water on the news that they had to postpone the release of ‘Chromatica’, the new album of the singer. The commitment and effort of the us during this quarantine has made it possible, finally, on the 29th of may, their followers are able to enjoy the new album of the artist. And that’s not all. We also know that Ariana Grande will be very present in your new disc.

Recently, Lady Gaga did involve their fans that would unite your voice with the artist in the song ‘Rain on me’one of the themes present in his new album. Now, the countdown has already begun and we can not have more desire to reach the long-awaited day! From next may 22, we will not be able to stop enjoying the talent of the two singers. In addition, the singer seems to have proposed impacientar to their fans as we do not leave to publish small runs of what will be ‘Rain on me’.

The interpreter of ‘Shallow’ has not stopped sharing on your social networks images for us to shed light about the line that follows the song. In all of them appear both artists, dressed in extravagant costumes. Your staging makes us think of those films which have as protagonists the some other a warrior.

Although they have not transcended many more details, though it is true that we could not go very misguided. In one of the pictures published by Lady Gaga appears herself lying on the floor while his partner Ariana Grande is held on its feet after a hole of light. This makes us think that both will be left up to the skin in ‘Rain on me’. It is less to find out if we were or not true. And you, do you also have prepared the umbrella?