Lana Del Rey announces release date of their new album with an incendiary letter that alludes to Beyoncé, Cardi B, Doja Cat… –


“Visionary”, Lana Del Rey was ahead of the barrage of postpositions of tours and albums that the pandemic has made it grow in the last couple of months… though in reality, their reasons were other. But maintaining the intention of publishing that disk of “spoken word” that bears the title ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass’. In a text published on Instagram, confirms that it will see the light of the 5 of September, also announcing the publication of two books of poetry in the publishing house Simon & Schuster, whose benefits will be donated to a foundation that defends the rights of native americans. Until there, all good.

The controversy arrives with the rest of the text (all of that is explained at the end) published, in which it argued angrily of the criticism he has received throughout his career for “glamourizar abuse.” All because, he says, “now that Doja Cat, Ariana (Grande), Camila (Hair), Cardi B, Kehlani and Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj have had number ones with songs about being sexy, not to wear clothes, fuck, fool,” believes that it’s time that she re-sing “on being representative, feel beautiful by being in love even though the relationship may not be perfect, or dance for money –or whatever– without being crucified or that is understand as that I’m glamourizando abuse.”

Then is declared sick of other women composers, or “singers alternatives” –and here we are, pondering who can relate exactly– that accuse her of such a thing, when in reality it is “a person glamorous singing about the realities of what all that we’re identifying now all over the world as a very predominant relationships emotionally abusive.” “Let’s be clear,” he continues, “I am not a non-feminist, but there has to be a space in feminism for women who are and act like me”, to add that has simply been “honest and optimistic” about the difficult relationships he has had”. “I latest news! This is how it is for many women”. The reactions against his message have become in a few minutes on a trending topic worldwide.

Remember that Lana del Rey released last year the album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell!‘, that became a turning point in his career to put according to all the criticism to lift him up –even Pitchfork, after denostarla in his past, nominated for record of the year–. I also chose the Grammy for Album of the Year 2020, which finally fell in the debut of Billie Eilish.