Lana del Rey criticism of Beyoncé, Camila Cabello and Cardi B


Madrid – Lana del Rey has announced this Thursday the 5th of September will release new studio album, titled “Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass”, in a message on your social networks that in reality has caused more reactions to defend yourself against those who accuse her of “glamourizar abuse.”

Doja Cat, Ariana (Grande), Camila (Hair), Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have had number 1’s singing about being sexy, walking naked, fuck, cheat…“says the artist, “sick and tired” of the criticism of “writers and authors interpreters and alternatives”.

In his defense, says: “What I am is a person glam that sings about realities that are very present and constitute relationships emotionally abusive.”

The King rejects that can be considered as a “non-feminist” and claiming a space within feminism “for women who are and act like me, the kind of woman who says ‘no’ but before which the men hear ‘yes’, which is battered mercilessly for being authentic and delicate, that it takes away from your own story and voice stronger women or men who hate women”.

“I’ve been honest, and optimistic, about the difficult relationships that I have maintained. And this is how it is for many women. That was unfortunately my experience up to the time that those albums were made,” he concludes in his long speech, in which he proclaims that those same topics will appear on his upcoming albums of poetry and also in his aforementioned new album.

As already anticipated previously, it will be a disc of “spoken word” (more recited than sung), and will take up the baton of “Norman Fucking Rockwell” (2019), their sixth studio album in just 7 years since the launch of the “Born To Die” that shook the industry.With it, the so often criticized performer and composer snuck in all the selections of specialized media as one of the best albums of last year and came to be nominated for a Grammy award, traveling from the torment sentimental to hope and crossed his essences of “soft rock”, elegance and mythology of the coastline in compositions ethereal like “Fuck It I Love You”.

More recently, specifically last February, was news to be forced to cancel his European tour because of an illness for which he had “completely lost” the voice and face that will need to be removed temporarily from the stage.