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Millie Bobby Brown was just 12 years old when the character of Eleven in Stranger Things she became a famous actress. But in the three years that have elapsed since then, this teenager was born in Marbella of british parents, and raised between the United Kingdom and the united States, he has traveled the road that separates the popularity of stardom with an ease astounding. The actress is now presenting his first film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, one of those products designed to sweep the box office summer (in theaters spaniards arrive on the 21st of June). Even more expected is the return of Stranger Thingsthe series that, in real life, he also put his world “upside down” (Netflix premieres the third season of the 4th of July). And, although growing up in front of a camera is not an easy thing –examples abound, from Lindsay Lohan to Macaulay Culkin– she seems to be avoiding the trance with a maturity unusual that extends to other facets of your life, in which he has fought against monsters far more real than the Demogorgon.

When in 2018 Millie became the youngest person to appear on the list of the 100 world’s most influential magazine Timethe actor Aaron Paul, wrote of her: “she In some way understand the human experience as if you’d lived for a thousand years.” That same year, UNICEF named her goodwill ambassador, a position that no girl of 14 years had held until then, and the actress uses his position to warn against harassment of children, either in schools or on social networks. She has suffered from the two. As told to Orlando Bloom in an interview for the may issue of the Glamour british, dedicated to activism, when I lived in England had to change schools due to the bullying that made him, and that caused him “a lot of anxiety and problems with that I’m still dealing with today.” In that same talk he claimed to want to combat the negativity in the social networks –“what I have experienced; it is like a disease”– and turn them into “a happy place”. She never reads the comments, and stopped being active on Twitter when several trolls they used his image in a series of memes homophobic and posts offensive. It maintains the account Instagramwhere a sum almost 19 million followers.

Brown also has a tremendous pull among the fashion brands. Had only 12 years old when she starred in a campaign of Calvin Klein, then under the baton of creative Raf Simons. And that signature was precisely the denim shirt with that, in march of 2018, picked up the award for favorite actress of television in the Kids’ Choice Awards. But the important part of that pledge was not on the label, but in the back, which had written the name of the 17 victims of the shooting in Parkland: on the same day was held the demonstration March for Our Lives, and Brown decided to convert her outfit in a plea for gun control. Now lends her image to Moncler or Talk, but also left wanting by the great houses of couture (in the premières of Godzilla has dress of Dior, Valentino or Oscar de la Renta) and has signed for the almighty modeling agency IMG.

Millie Bobby Brown, star of 'Stranger Things'.

Millie Bobby Brown, star of ‘Stranger Things’. V Anderson WireImage

Such precocity, however, has encouraged debate on the sexualisation –fed by some means– from the child actors in general and her in particular. Thus, for example, the June issue of the edition of Singapore Harper’s Bazaarin which Millie (who last February was 15 years old), took the cover with a styling –total look Celine formed by pant clamps, silk blouse and blazer of wool, and jewels of Cartier– more typical of a treintañera sophisticated. The title of the cover, Millie Bobby Brown. The star of Stranger Things-speaking of Twitter, and these rumors with Drakerefers to the so often mentioned friendship of the actress with the rapper of 32 years, he has told that the help and gives you advice on guys. And, in the interview, it was also forced to deny who is dating Romeo Beckham (“We are friends from long ago, is a great person, but it is very strange and arbitrary that people think that,” he says). The magazine W it was still a little farther when, in August of 2017, listed to Brown –then 13 years old– with adult actors under the headline “why television is more sexy than ever”. His partner in Stranger ThingsFinn Wolfhard –who has just made his debut as the new image of Yves Saint Laurent, he also lived an uncomfortable situation when, at 14 years old, was tagged on Instagram by the 27-Ali Michael with the text: “Call me in four years”.

Brown has been nominated twice for Emmy; she earns $ 350,000 per chapter, according to Variety; through the late night shows as if he had an entire life doing it (his Beat Battle with Jimmy Fallon from a few days ago already exceeds the two million viewings on YouTube); and will produce its first series, Enola Holmeswhere will be the sister of the famous detective. “In the set I don’t want to be treated like a child, even if it is so. I am not there to treat me like a child, but as a co-worker, and my opinion should be considered as such”, he demanded in Glamour. But, through very quickly you are living, you still have to ask permission from their parents to get a pet, and still have not completed the institute. You are no longer a girl doesn’t mean it’s an adult. In the trailer for the next season Stranger Things you hear people say one of the kids who are not old kids, and the actress is sailing –with success– that same transition.