Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld, are friends or something more? | News


No one can doubt that between Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld there is something. Another thing is to get to appreciate what kind of relationship binds them. From months ago is starting to protest that could be something more than friends even though they have not confirmed or denied anything.

The case is that they are very well and share a lot of time together. The last birthday of the actress and singer, the former One Direction he wrote about it: “One of the most lovely on the planet, and is also one of my best friends”.

And that we do not doubt. In fact have left to see on more than one occasion. They went together to see Hamilton at the West End of London. We also knew that he had attended the meets of the older brother of Hailee.

His last outing public has been this weekend. Have been allowed to see together in Las Vegas in a concert Backstreet Boys. This has triggered rumors of a possible romantic relationship.

Yes, the BSB are still giving concerts, but that is not the news. In the vip area were Niall and Hailee and were left to record and photograph for the present there that were witnesses of how much they enjoyed with the boy band.

Yes it is true that what you see in the images we can not confirm which between them have a relationship that goes beyond friendship but the rumors continue.

After the concert ended the night in the XS Nightclub listening to prod Diplo. But nothing, there is no evidence conclusive that allow us to talk about the pair of fashion, for the moment, just friends.