Nicki Minaj surpasses Beyonce and reaches his first N°1 in EE.UU thanks to hit TikTok | TV Show


The female rappers Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat they arrived at the number one of the list of simple of the united States with the remix of the song “Say So“ released at the same time that the collaboration of Beyoncé with Megan Thee Stallion in the new version of “Savage“ which is conformable with the second position.

Interestingly, both Beyonce as Nicki Minaj took part at once in the remixes after the two original songs became viral thanks to the challenges of the application TikTokalthough in truth it premiered several months before.

This situation shows how social networks and the behavior of its users can completely alter the music market.

The industry had its attention focused on this battle as that, to add more parallels, the interpreters originals of both tracks are two female rappers are unknown to the large audience that have seen the social network of videos, short drove to the songs in the radios and platforms streaming.

The remixes next to Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, two artists consolidated, have been the final push for the lead in the list Billboard Hot 100the most important of the united States.

In the case of “Say So“, is the first number one for Nicki Minaj, as the earlier successes of the singer as “Anaconda” (2014) and “Super Bass” (2010) peaked at number two and three.

It is also the first number one for its author, Doja Catwhose song has had a journey unique in the musical industry.

Say So” it was included in an album that the rapper premiered in 2019but began to draw attention after several users posted videos dancing in TikTok and the radios began to include it in their programming.

For its part, “Savage” it was published last march and soon began to be popular thanks to another challenge of TikTok, which gave much attention to its author, Megan Thee Stallion.

After a few weeks, Beyoncé will be joined to Thee Stallion in the remix of “Savage“ that will allocate the net proceeds for the new version to charitable causes for the crisis of the coronavirus.

In fact, Beyoncé makes a reference in their stanzas to TikTok and other social network a lot of coverage today, OnlyFans.