Not everything makes sense, it’s The hard message that Alexa Dellanos left in your networks!


Apparently, the daughter of Mirka Dellanos wanted to show more of himself, but in this case not through luscious photos, but with a written and very deep. “Life is short. What matters most is what we do for others, how we feel to our loved ones, how we serve those who could not do anything for us, how we forgive and how we show gratitude for all the blessings that surround us, including life itself. Everything has no meaning”.

At home

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At home

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Let us remember that the blonde mentioned, some weeks ago, that the quarantine is disturbing and not take any more confinement. However, far from wanting to go to visit one of their loved ones, on several occasions, mentioned that he does not support the urge to go to the hair stylist and be able to recover your beautiful image. So in repeated images showed the growth of his hair and several inches of root from lack of color. Beyond that, and of the grace which they produce their plans for the future, the influencer highlighted the desire I have of returning to hug his mother, Mirka.

First time putting makeup on in 2 months… how’d I do?! Hair by @zaida_gracia ♀️