Photos: it’s Pure theatre! Look at all the operations of Shakira We cheated!


The colombian has been more of a time for the plastic surgeon to touch up some imperfections. Continue reading, here are some of them

The singer has had drastic changes throughout your life Without fear! Because it went from a dark hair to have it red passion. Subsequently opted for blond curly or straightened until the present day We are accustomed to the changes!

The interpreter of Waka Waka this is usually done operations so subtle that they give the impression that they are part of your body the natural way did you Think that they were just exercise and diets to look like that?

His face originally he used to be more coarse, his features have been tweaking with the time to have a perfect nose. For this he resorted to rhinoplasty, facelift and chin surgery.

Also your ex friend Antonella Rocuzzo wife of Lionel Messi in a supposed press conference, said that nothing in the body of Shakira has to do with the results of the exercises but of steps for the operating room. How awful! I left her in the street!

Also on the website of the diva released each one of the interventions that has been made, between them appears the classical liposuction of the thighs, which the singer after frustrating attempts, like many stars, had to surrender and opted to have surgery, this gave his body a pronounced and sexy curves. Divine!