Richard Madden and actor of ‘Teen Wolf’ living together


Richard Madden, best known for the series Game of Thronesdecided to spend the quarantine with Froy Gutierrez, actor Teen Wolf.

Richard Madden, best known for his participation in Game of Thrones and in the adaptation of Cinderella Disney is probably the sugar daddy most handsome of all Hollywood. And is that after having been roomie Brandon Flynn for a long time, now Madden has taken shelter during the pandemic with the actor Froy Gutierrez, who was part of the cast of Teen Wolf. Madden, wow, what a great eye you have for the boys!

Who is Froy Gutierrez?

Like Brandon Flynn in his time, Froy Gutierrez is a young actor of 22 years relatively new in Hollywood. In addition to appearing in some episodes of Teen Wolf, Gutierrez is currently part of the cast of the series Light as a Feather the digital platform Hulu. And although it has also tried to dabble in music, his projects have not been as popular to propel him to stardom. Maybe with the help of Richard Madden is able to do so?

What Richard ‘sugar daddy‘ Madden?

For his part, Richard Madden has been in the eye of the hurricane since she is related to Brandon Flynn. It was at the beginning of 2019 that these two actors moved in together to a house in Los Angeles, California. During all this time, Madden and Flynn denied he had a romantic relationship between them.

Even, Madden avoided giving a definitive answer to the issue when he stated to the New York Times the following: “I Keep my personal life private. I have never talked about my relationships”.

Brandon Flynn and Richard Madden in 2019. / Photo: The Grosby Group

However, at the end of that year, apparently both the actors had a separation important. This separation was large enough for that The Sun reported that Brandon was able to convince the trademark Versace, not to invite Richard to their events. ¡Auch!

His friendship with Froy Gutierrez

However, Madden did not have to stay much time living alone. Shortly before the start of the quarantine, Madden moved into the home of their classmate Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke, Los Angeles, California. This with the intention of relaxing after the long filming of the tape The Eternals Marvel, in which he has a prominent role.

Despite this, according to The Sun, Madden felt alone and was so invited to Froy Gutierrez to spend the quarantine with him. The most amazing thing about this is that, apparently, Emilia Clarke rent his house for £20,000 euros per month. That is a very high price to share with a friend, don’t you think?

Richard Madden and Froy Gutierrez. / Photo:

Whatever the real story behind the friendships of Richard Madden, it is important to respect those celebrities who do not feel comfortable coming out of the closet or talking about your private life. However, the case of Richard Madden is particularly interesting because we are sure that the actor has friends of his age and who has been involved in various projects that could have made him company during the quarantine. So why repeat a pattern that only generates rumors and publicity which he prefers not to talk?

What do you think of the friendship between the actor Teen Wolf and Richard Madden?

With information Daily Mail and The Sun