Rihanna, unstoppable with its line of beauty


Rihanna is always news. If one day ago we knew that the singer and the rapper Jay-Z had donated a million euros each to fight against the coronavirus in Los Angeles and in New York (USA) through their respective foundations, it is now known that Barbados is working on a line of products for skin care, said in an interview in the British Vogue.

Since the singer landed in the world of beauty with his signature Fenty in 2017, has not stopped reaping successes. Aware of the interest generated by their line of color and devotion that they feel for her the milenials and also the generation Z has been put to work, and discusses the care of the skin with Fenty Skin.

Rihanna – Diamonds


Although still not know the release date of these products, what we do know is that it will keep the same quality that their line of makeup, Fenty Beauty, flanked by a revolucionaras makeup foundations.

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Rihanna has been proposed to conquer the world of beauty and what it is getting. At the beginning of this year launched a mascara that was applauded by his army of fans, has more than 9.5 million followers on his account Fenty Beauty on Instagram.

With only 19 years he conquered the world with the song Umbrella. It has proven to be a pop icon on stage, has sold over 54 million albums, and is also very involved in their business of sport fashion and luxury, and in the universe of beauty.

The artist is involved in the world of fashion for the first time in 2013, when he collaborated on a collection for british brand River Island, now has a clothing line, River Island, and lingerie, Savage x Fenty.

Last year kicked off a new project of a luxury brand itself within French conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH). Rihanna is fashion icon of the milenials, it allows you the luxury of dressing as you want; it is different, break the mould with a bold style and original which tends to be a phenomenon of best-sellers.

Rihanna speaks to his followers through their makeup and their outfits, is a fashion icon different, has a casual style and fun, which includes designs of street style clothing more special to brands such as Balmain, or Chanel, two of her favorites, which allow you to show off her more sensual.

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The singer, who has accustomed to its followers to a variety of looks and hairstyles in different video clips, awards galas and public appearances, has also been model of the signature Balmain has created a line of sunglasses futuristic lines for Dior.

His face, with a look of feline green, will help to champion new make-up with colors as powerful as blue, purple or red. Already in 2013, this multi-faceted woman has collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and launched her own makeup line called RIRI hearts MAC.

The hair is another of their tools with which to work the styling. Short hair, what garçon (child, a boy, in French), half-long hair type afro, long hair extraliso, blonde, redhead, with and without bangs are some hairstyles, which usually looks like the singer, actress and designer.

“The makeup is to have fun with him. You should not feel as a pressure. You should not feel like a uniform. Feel free to take risks and do something new or different,” said the singer in a press release with the launch of inspired makeup in Morocco, Moroccan Spice Palette.

Now Rihanna, in addition to being a business in and of itself, is a global icon focused on music, with a line of cosmetics, fashionable designs, and an important philanthropic work through the Foundation Clara Lionel –that bears the name of her grandparents Clara and Lionel Braithwaite, centred on improving the quality of life of communities around the world in the areas of health, education, art and culture.

Source: EFE