Sam Smith’s birthday, and these are the singers that you admire


Sam Smith it is one of the singers that have captivated many thanks to his exceptional voice, after getting to know in 2012 when he participated in the song “Latch” of the group Disclosurethe success came to him, but it would not be until 2014 when your debut album In the Lonely Hour came to light and by which he won four Grammy Awards.

Sam Smith, who today is 28 years, has on several occasions expressed that he admires the work of several singers, that is why below we present to you the famous that have served of inspiration for the british, especially when he began his career.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of the singers that he admires Sam Smith, this has been expressed in various interviews, in addition to he also commented that not only admires, but is also considered a Little Monster, the name that identifies the fans of the singer of “Alejandro”.

After the various declarations of Sam Smith expressing his admiration for Gaga, in an interview he conducted with the singer at the Grammy Awards in 2015she mentioned also that he was a fan of the british.

“Somehow we already know because we have been fans of each other from a long time ago. I have recently discovered that he is Little Monster, ” he said.

Amy Winehouse

Without a doubt Amy Winehouse became the inspiration of many artists and Sam Smith was no exception. In an interview he gave to Q magazine, the winner of an Oscar for best original song, he mentioned that he has always admired most female singers including Amy and reminded when I hear for the first time to the performer of “Back to Black”.

“My father bought Frank of Amy Winehouse when she was 11 years old, I still remember having heard it in the car of my father on the way to school. I could never know her, but she will always be an icon,” said the singer.


Another of the singers who has earned the admiration of Sam Smith is Adeleit should be noted that recently it was linked already in the Internet circulated a theory that I mentioned that the two britons were the same person.

But something that if it unites the two is the admiration of Smith to Adele. In an interview in 2014 for the radio station, Capital, Sam Smith commented that he admires the singer of “Hello” by the way in which he has dealt with fame.

“I look for by the manner in which he has dealt with the fame and all that, in fact, I admire her a lot. After success is seen as normal and also the honesty in her music remained through her second album and that is something that I am really passionate about having,” said Sam.

In addition to these singers, Sam Smith has mentioned that he grew up listening to the music of Chaka Khan, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston, to whom he also admires.