Selena Gmez spoke about his bipolarity and what activities help you stay in peace


Last month, the singer Selena Gmez became the news center of the media after saying that, she was diagnosed with bipolarity. The confesin was surprised by their fanticos as it gave way espontnea during an interview with his colleague Miley Cyrus. Now, respecting the mandatory quarantine in force in all the world, I came to talk about it and about the things that help you to not lose your temper.

With lots of knowledge in this mental disorder, the interpreter Feel me advised to their fanticos on the activities that can develop while you are kept safe in their homes. The american singer I shared with her millions of fans, that is what she works to stay quiet during this time of uncertainty, through a video, enumer a number of things for your fans to implement them.

While you were making use of their nets and spoke about the disorder she herself suffers from it, the former spouse of Justin Bieber admiti that there is a way to overcome all of this or even address the mental health of any other way other than talking about it, and inst all your fanticos to talk about their problems with the person more confidence they inspire, highlighting the importance that this means at the time of treating this disease.

On the end of the video, Selena Gmez aclar she works very well to cope with the confinement to be in the company of their pets, and music. And also recomend it to their followers who try to keep the head busy until the running of the bulls comes to an end, while you are distracted reading a book, or watering the plants, and when it is an activity that can be carried out from the inside of their homes.