Selena Gomez reveals the origin of his single ‘Boyfriend’ | Music


If we have learned anything from the songs is that they are made to convey an idea, a message, and even a thought. This is the case of Selena Gomez, who has shown that their discography contains feeling and defines the different stages of your life.

In an interview with Beat, has confessed, what is the true origin of his song Boyfriend. The single that saw the light of the 9 April with the publication of the deluxe edition of his album Rare. This conversation joins the songwriter and singer Julia Michaels, who wrote the theme.

“Julia sent me a message saying: ‘What is the vibe today? How is your mood?’. I said, like, ‘I don’t know, I want a boyfriend’. […] Only said it because at this time I am excited about the future”says Gomez. His friend and colleague met with the idea and decided to capture in these lines. Clear that if you have ever heard Boyfriend you’ll know that not only speaks of the desire to find a partner, but also of the difference that exists between this and the need to achieve this. And this is precisely where Selena throws the message empowered that also characterizes this song.

Therefore, we could say without doubt that Boyfriend it was written after her breakup with Justin Bieber. A stage of life that managed to overcome with the help of their family and friends, but that was a real barrier to progress in personal and professional terms.

We have to remember that Selena and Justin held a media relationship between 2011 and 2014 and with its comings and goings. The rows and the dramas were the real protagonists of this love, which ended officially, although Selena was still feeling those butterflies in the estomágo for him. Yes, Bieber was already staring at Hailey Baldwin, his current wife. This led the singer to a dark path that only she, with her strength and the support of those closest to him, get out.

And so it has been. Now Selena sings to the past, the present and the future through their music more empowered and recovered than ever. You want a boyfriend, but ensures that there is no need.