Selena Gomez wants to give another chance at love with a new boyfriend


It was not really an inspiration, but let’s have some fun. Julia sent me a message saying: ‘What is the vibe today? How is your mood?’. I said: ‘I don’t know, I want a boyfriend’. Only what I said because in this moment, I am excited for the future, I don’t know… I am open to that

Said Selena, who shared the creative process that he lived to be able to present to your public this new bet sound: “we Wanted it to be very simple, but which also had a flow rhythmic, that you do want to move your head from side to side. Also discussed the fact that I don’t need anyone in my life.”

The romantic story of Selena it is not the most fortunate, with their constant breakup with Justin Bieber who he ended up marrying Hailey Baldwin which led to depression, or even be related Zac Efron and in 2019, with the ex Jennifer Aniston , Justin Theroux.