Shawn Mendes breaks out of jealousy with Camila for a dancer “super-muscular”


Shawn Mendes made a little scene of jealousy to Camila’s Hair, because he saw her dancing with a dancer’s “super muscular”.

The canadian Shawn Mendes is crazy for Camila Hairand so crazy is that we did a little scene of jealousy in a Instagram live because he saw her in the arms of a dancer “super muscular”.

The couple was doing a Instagram Live, and she told us that was filming a video for their song “Living Proof”, included in her latest album “Romance”.

What is certain is that Shawn told her she was “beautiful,” and then went on to show his jealousy like a baby.

“She was dancing with this guy and then the shirt and was super muscular,” said Shawn.

Immediately, Camila Cabello replied, a little amused, “Baby, is not so muscular like you.”