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The kingdom of Bhutan, known as “the happiest country in the world”, is one of the least affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and it is thanks to the care that he put himself king Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck to prevent the virus to expand once that was detected the first positive case with an american tourist, reported the newspaper el País.

king of Bhutan(EFE)

On march 4, Bert Hewitt, an american tourist of 76 years, had come with his wife, the psychologist Sandi Fischer to Bhutan from India and, only a day after being admitted in a hospital due to a gastrointestinal disease, was diagnosed with coronavirus.

In China, the number of dead hovered by that date the 3 mil, and fearing that the disease began to spread in Bhutan, the also known as the “Dragon King of Bhutan,” decided to get involved personally.

“The order of his majesty was that they should give him all the care possible,” he said Dechen Wangmothe minister of Health of the country to The Washington Post. Also read: The groom shaman Martha Louise of Norway expresses how much the strange to the distancing by Covid-19

king of Bhutan(EFE)

The same media reported that the father of the prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck, heir to the throne of the country sent them a pair of pajamas blue and a silk bedspread to help them feel more comfortable, by calling often to ask for the couple, and caring for their tastes and training.

“He was charming and very solicitous. I said that I hoped to be able to talk with him (Hewitt) on black holes some day,” he said Sandi Fisher.

Days after, the tourist, the worsening of his health, because he had hypertension and had the spleen removed, so that the 14 of march, was transferred on a flight to the united States, in a private plane provided by the king Jihme Khesary.

king of Bhutan(EFE)

After a journey of over 30 hours, was admitted to the University Medical Center of Baltimore. Already nearly recovered a couple of weeks later, a doctor claimed: “What was that, did that in Bhutan, you saved my life,” reported The Washington Post.

In addition, the husband of the queen consort, world’s youngest, Jetsun Pema Wangchuck personally monitored the localization of direct and indirect contacts that I had with Bert Hewitt and Sandi Fisher in Bhutan in their quarantine.

Days later, on 19 march, the king communicated to the bhutanese, other happy news, the birth of their second son, although he insisted on the necessity of not lowering the guard before the crisis.

“Although this is a happy news for the royal family, the nation and the people of Bhutan, Their Majesties want to remember to all the bhutanese who are aware, responsible and mutually supportive to the root of the virus Covid-19. Their Majesties are present to all whose lives have been affected by this global pandemic and prayers,” said the son of the former monarch of bhutan Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

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