So it would look Emilia Clarke as ‘Mere’ in Aquaman 2 | Film and Television


Fans of the film want someone else to interpret ‘Mere’ of Aquaman 2, this root that we really don’t know what could happen with the actress Amber Heard and his controversial fight with Johnny Depp.

There is a petition on the platform in which half a million fans ask Warner Bros. to dismiss the actress of 34 years for what Amber has quite a few points in their favor to continue their role as Mere next to Jason Momoa.

Then, the actress has come to the rescue for the fans is Emilia Clarke. It is mostly known for its starring role in the series Game Of Thrones. A fan is devoted to make a montage of how it would look like the actress in the skin of ‘Mere’.

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Hhhhmmm ?

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There is nothing official, or even talks for that Emilia is in the DC universe, but we cannot deny that it looks spectacular.