The final surprise of the play of Olivier Rousteing and Cara Delevingne


The fashion world is full of friends iconic, but at the same time there are other most recent court whose strength is such that they are intended to become in relationships that will always be remembered in the history of fashion. Rosalia and Riccardo Tisci already form one of the couples friendly more powerful of the industry, being another of them existing between Cara Delevingne and Olivier Rousteing. The couple fashionista has already worked together hand in hand Balmain, where the model has been designed exclusively for the firm, and have repeated experience designing Face next to Olivier once more to give way to a collection joint for Puma. Now the friends will embark on a new adventure consisting of play ‘truth or dare’ in the streets of Paris.

It all begins when best friends eat together, and Face, he says that in England tend to have fun with a game consisting of choosing between telling the truth to an uncomfortable question or meet a challenge. Olivier accepts play and the top I proposed to ride with her on bike. Although he accepts, he does so without knowing that in reality this is the second time Delevingne riding a motorcycle. Run through the city, passing by the Arc de Triomphe and arrive at the store from Balmain, where Olivier proposed to choose a look of the boutique and pose with him in the shop window. The british jests that he will naked without knowing that just change the course of the night.

Finally, not only takes a photograph encased in a maxicamisa to mode of dress within the shop, but being nude in the shop window using bags of the brand, and even a shopping bag XXL to cover their ‘ awrah. The French accompanies the model, was nude with her and a couple of friends ends up posing in the shop window, paris emulating the campaign images of Balmain, star in together.

Olivier asks him to the top what a man would be if he could choose, and after enumerating some of the celebrities that the designer was not convincing at all, agree that Face would be David Bowie. Finally the friends paint on some posters of the campaign of Balmain in which they both appear naked, and adorn the streets of Paris.

It is then when you think of a name for the strange couple: OR + CD. Finally, the friends will call, in the video that demonstrates that in reality all the game forms part of a promotional activity, digital, CORD.

What is clear from this action is that firms have increasingly to resort more to actions designed exclusively for social networks. Although these minicampañas have the aesthetic Instagram as a seal, upon them, there is a neat production and a script whose goal is to get a ‘brand awareness’ is shocking. No doubt Balmain has achieved with his latest feat.