The infartante twerking of Issa las Vegas makes it the competition of the sister Cardi B


This is the argentina that is rocking the social networks, and that has overtaken Hennessy Carolina with her sexy movements

Many of you will remember the unstoppable twerking sister Cardi B, Hennessy Carolinain which moved the rear as few know how to do this. Immediately, the social networks are burning down with the movements of the designer.

But don’t think that is the only one with those skills. Now the model Issa Vega the been equaled and, as many claim, up to the could have happened if sexy moves this is. With a cachetero underwear black and red highlighted her voluptuous rear in an impressive way.

Issa is an expert in fitness and spend all day sharing their routines in social networks, which can do any from wherever you are. Obviously, that makes Issa train your time and in addition, raise passions, to all that see it. Your followers will fan the compliments hottest ever imagined “You look like a washing machine”, “You put it in fast motion” and “You’re a goddess on earth”were some of the messages left to him on this occasion in his account of Instagram. On the other hand, the publication almost reached thousands of likes in record time.