The meaning of ‘SUGA’s Interlude, the new song from Halsey and Suga


What you heard ‘SUGA’s Interlude‘? The new collaboration of Halsey and Suga of BTS it has been highly acclaimed by the fans, who are delighted by how well sounding the voices of the two singers together.

This new song it is made in two languages: English and Korean. Surely you questions what it means this melody is so melancholy and we are here to resolve all your doubts. I prepare your handkerchiefs because you will cry!

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SUGA’s Interlude‘begins with the sweet voice of Halsey, who mentions that his entire life has been debated between the have it all or quit. Later, Suga he tells how there are negative feelings that are part of it all the time, as the self-hate, and the ego, which already live in your heart.

Despite being fulfilling the dreams that some day he wanted to turn into reality, you think that maybe you should appreciate everything a little bit more and now is afraid to continue to move forward and fall off.

For Sugathe darkness that exists before the sun rises is the most profound of all, however, the stars that we wish appreciate can only be seen while everything is black. That is why we have to strive twice as much to get what they want.

Halsey it questions what will be next on your life if the love is gone full. Sniff!

Suga wonders if he really is walking down the right path and what would happen if it came to the end of the tunnel. Your future will not ended up being what he expected, that is why nothing has enough relevance and are willing to learn to live with it.

Yoongi ensures that we must move forward because we are still very young as not to dare to do things and encourages us to face the future and our fears.

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