The more that royalty! Fortune Salma Hayek is bigger than that of queen Elizabeth


The fortune of the mexican Salma Hayek is larger than the one of the own Queen Elizabeth II, so says a prestigious annual list compiled by The Sunday Times on women more wealthy of the Uk.

And so it is that this ranking places the actress of veracruz as one of the women most wealthy of all the United Kingdom, with what the chaparrita is positioned at number six, with a fortune estimated to be around 8 billion 125 billion dollars.

Richer than the queen

The fortune of the famous would come from their profits in the world of show business as producer and actressalso for different companies and projects of beauty.

However, the greater part of his fortune comes, logically, from his marriage with the French Francois-Henri Pinault, one of the richest men in the world and the father of his beloved only daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault.

Further down the list appears the name of the monarch in british 94-year-old, ranked number 96 with a fortune estimated at 350 million pounds sterling, that is to say a few 428 thousand and 155 million dollars.

The girl, the richest in the world

Interestingly, the daughter of the Salma Hayekalso ranked number 6 in the annual list of the children of the world’s richest, so that the fortune of the young lady of 12 years is estimated at 12 billion dollars.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico