The powerful reason that Britney Spears wore fringe


fringe Britney Spears

It is difficult to imagine Britney Spears without her iconic bangs side that became part of your signature look for a great season and even though all this time had thought that he used it because he liked, the singer confessed that in reality he used it for to protect and to look more young and beautiful. “I had teeth are ugly, and I felt like an ugly duckling”.

The singer of “Oops I did it again” revealed powerful reason for the that almost all the time used bangs via Instagram with a picture in which appears by using it side. Yesterday also took the opportunity to share a story of his childhood and why she decided to take it off. “I stopped having bangs in the 3rd grade and I remember it as if it had been yesterday. It was a big problem to expose my forehead … only the beautiful people of the south could do that and I never felt pretty enough to do it“.

Britney explained that when she was a girl it felt like an ugly duckling and then tried to follow the example of older girls I admired and who were not wearing a tassel. “So I did, and it looked soooo bad, but I thought that was beautiful“, he wrote. “I think he knew that I couldn’t see well, but I did it because I thought that I needed to be more cool … ¡¡¡and I have had it since then !!!!”.

The pop star also told what to think about fringe today. “People choose different ways to protect yourself… when I wear fringe, I feel that I am protected… almost as if you were in 3rd grade again.”

The fact that Britney chose to take it off despite the fact that it did not feel nice but it made her feel more cool demonstrates the safety and confidence she had on herself.