The revolutionary gadget that will put your face in shape and will rejuvenate your skin


Do sports always get lazy, that’s why find devices that can provide us with the task it is one of those searches that more time leads but also the most rewarding when we see that our new caprice yield results. With the premise of exercising the muscles of the face, comes the new creation of Foreo, that on this occasion you don’t clean, just exercises and sets tone to our skin…. As if that weren’t enough!

After devices with blue light and red light, and the masks of LED light that Julia Roberts or Nuria Roca use from house to slow down the aging, the next discovery, beauty, that promises to become a device to which we become addicted, located in the microcurrent the vehicle with which to stimulate our skin.

With the name of Foreo Bear -because of their rounded ends are reminiscent of the ears of a bear, this revolutionary gadget says tone the muscles of the face in the same way that you would a professional massage, but without leaving home and without making the slightest effort. Following the steps that your app recommended and repeating the massage daily, it improves the texture of the skin, reducing the intensity of wrinkles and rejuvenating the face. The secret are microcurrents.

Foreo Bear.
Foreo Bear.

How it works

The pulsations T-Sonic™ are the other allied device. The microcurrent electricalso mild that they do not produce damage or nuisance to some, they are responsible for stimulating the muscles of the face that are slowly tonificándose and defined. The pulsations T-Sonic™ (sonic-transdérmicas, present in many of the gadgets of the brand) that are characteristic buzz, a slight vibration that, in this case, it acts on the areas where appear the first signs of agein addition to enhance the brightness of the skin.

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Follow the yellow brick road

To get the best results, Bear you need to follow a specific route on your skin, quite similar to that of the massage gua sha, and is that the philosophy is a bit the same, but the results have the backing of the technology. The device has a sensor bluetooth that connects with a mobile application through which you know what type of massage and what intensity (the Bear normally has five intensities, and the small 3) need your face.

Of course, a fundamental part of the massage is to move the gadget from the inside out and always repeating movements in areas very specific to achieve a precise massage. An important step prior to we have learned thanks to influencers from Singapore, Malaysia, Korea or even Australiawhere the device has already been intimated, is to apply a serum prior to acting as a driver.

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Do you remember the story of the three bears?

To treat smaller areas and delicate, in addition to the Foreo Bear, is also available the version Bear Mini, particularly suitable for the contour of the eyes, the bone of the cheekbone and the lines of the mouth area. Their intensities are also lower than those of the normal version, recommended, in addition to the line of the jaw and the neck.

Foreo Bear Mini.
Foreo Bear Mini.

The bad part is that, although some of the influencers in southeast asia have already tried the Foreo Bear in their skins, in Europe and America have to settle with a large poster of ‘comming soon’which means their sale and distribution is a tad paralyzed. All a pity, taking into account the when you have the appliance… you Will have to wait, who knows, you may for Christmas is everything that we want, to the song of Mariah Carey.