The style of Anna Kendrick


Already laughed at herself before taking the leap to fame due to their ‘normality’, to not comply with the canons of pretty girl during his youth. And shortly after he jumped to the fame that has become the best friend of Bella, the protagonist of the Twilight saga in 2008. Currently still laughing at itself (their accounts Twitter and Instagram flyovers with jokes about his popularity as a ‘girl of the bunch’ and not like an aunt ‘buenorra’). Anna Kendrick has made it his leitmotiv becoming a reference triumph of the normal. A role in which brands are the reef-perfect for entertaining and ironic advertising campaigns.

Sense of humor is not missing, and job, either. After their appearance in the saga of the vampires more sexy the big screen, its cache has grown as the foam. In 2010, he was nominated as best supporting actress in two of the most important awards in the world cinema (the Oscar and the Golden Globe) thanks to his role in the film Up in the air, with George Clooney, where she played Natalie Keener, a quiet but skilled worker with effective business ideas. In addition, his skills as a singer the have led him to participate in musical productions such as Giving the note or on the stage of the Broadway theatre.

Anna Kendrick

What is clear is that this young american actress is not lacking personality or talent, but, what about your style? Do you have Anna the same grace to decide your dress code on the red carpet to make you laugh your followers? In this field we can also say that the actress is single. It is known perfectly and know how to remove the maximum party. Their looks leave a very personal style, with brush strokes retromarked by his character. For her appearances on the red carpetAnna is usually to bet on cut dresses romantic, although once in a while dares with minidresses asymmetrical that take his side more sensual. The game of textures and accessories are the key of their outfits. And the secret to his success, combining simplicity and elegance.

In terms of their beauty looksAnna is usually to bet on make-up natural, effect cleansed face. Base to cover imperfections, powder for a finish that’s velvety and light, golden tones and browns on the eyes and gloss in shades of terracotta to your lips. The hair, picked up in different versions of buns; or loose, with natural waves.

What do you think the style of Anna Kendrick? What would you say has evolved since he rose to fame in 2008? Do you think that you know seized? Do not miss our photo gallery with thirty of his best looks and leave us a comment.